Clarity2 review

Clarity2 review
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What is Clarity 2?

This is a product that aims to deal with recurring problems of tinnitus problems. It offers relief from some of the worst symptoms of the condition as Screenshot_1well as preventing them from occurring again. The product is based on herbal remedies and is therefore unique safe for human use. The makers of Clarity2 are so confident of its abilities that they are willing to offer a full money back guarantee for those that are not satisfied with the results once they have made a purchase. This product was specifically designed in order to improve the general health of the human ear as well as reducing the irritating noise that is typical of tinnitus. It works by reducing sensitivity as well as the buzzing or ringing notes which can drive the sufferer to distraction. A lot of lab work and experimentation has gone into assembling a collection of natural herbal extracts with proven therapeutic qualities. It also contains a number of special vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids as well as minerals which enhance the overall health of the individual. This product specifically does not contain any artificial drugs, additives or even colors. Therefore it fully qualifies as a natural supplement.

How Does Clarity 2 Work?

Over the years, many traditions have identified a number of methods for dealing with the problem of tinnitus. This product uses some of those herbal remedies to deal with the long term damage that is caused by the entry of foreign elements into the ear canal as well as loud music. It is particularly useful for dealing with the effects of long term ear infections and wax buildup as well as nasal allergies. In doing so this product enhances the quality of life for people whose existence would in all probability have been blighted by the sound of crickets in their ears. The product has been tried and tested by the experts and found to have a profound effect on people who suffer from these conditions. The fact that it uses natural ingredients is a major advantage because it means that the patient does not have to worry about negative side effects in the long run.


Clarity2 Ingredients

One of the key ingredients for this product is Ginkgo biloba. This is a natural oxidant that has received rave reviews from laypeople and the experts. Chinese medicine has been using this extract to treat a number of ailments for centuries. It is also associated with better brain function and the management of vascular impairment symptoms. For example a 1986 study confirmed that this extract could reduce the symptoms of tinnitus in about 35% of respondents by the 70th day. The second major component of Clarity2 is Vinpocetine. This is an extract that is gotten from the Periwinkle plant. The extract itself has strong anti-inflammatory qualities and has successfully been used to enhance the flow of cerebral blood. It increases the presence of serotonin and can enhance the body’s glucose levels particularly in the brain area.


Thus this extract has been associated with better cognitive abilities as well as an improvement in the overall functionality of the human brain. For example it helps in the management of geriatric memory loss. Vitamin B12 is another important component of the product. It is known for helping the body to better absorb the nutrients that are contained in natural foods. This extract also boosts energy and immunity. Ginger root alleviates the dizziness that accompanies the buzzing sound of tinnitus and also aids blood circulation. Niacinamide is known to create a temporary flushing effect which sends more blood to the inner ear area. Finally Cinnamon Bark breaks up stagnation and increases blood circulation.

Benefits of Clarity2

The principle benefit of this product is an improvement in the quality of life for a person that in all probability would have been suffering a private Screenshot_3nightmare. It works by reducing the symptoms of the condition including ringing sound and dizziness. Some of the core ingredients of the product also aid blood circulation and will relieve the patient of painful inflammation. Because it is a natural product, there is a very low risk of disruptive interactions with other medication that the patient may be taking. However it is always advisable to consult with the clinician or specialist before starting the treatment just in case there are specific contra indications. The dosage requirements of the product are relatively straightforward. Those over twelve years of age take two capsules twice a day for the first 60-75 days. After that the dosage goes down to 2 capsules a day.

How to Buy Clarity2

There is a 75 day money-back guarantee on the official website which allows users to try the product before fully committing to it. This guarantee is unique in as far as it includes shipping costs, something that is rarely seen even amongst the most generous websites. All that is required is to email the support team and they will work on the refund process. Nevertheless it is always advisable to stick with the Clarity 2 treatment program for at least 60 days before making a decision. Under ordinary circumstances a 60 day supply costs $24.99 but 50% of that is made up of the initial price. A large order will reduce the unit cost considerably. Alternatively there is a 15 day trial which excludes shipping costs of $4.97. If the order is not cancelled then the buyer is enrolled on the monthly supply.

Clarity2 Testimonial

Martha is 65. She has been suffering from tinnitus for close to 15 years and has never had complete relief. Indeed she once considered surgery when she was 60 because the irritation was becoming unbearable. The doctor advised her that such a drastic step would not yield the results that she was looking for. Last year Martha started to consider the option of using alternative medicines and therapy to give her some relief. It was then that she landed on the Clarity2 page. She made an order and started seeing an improvement in her condition by the 50th day. Since then she has been on the treatment with no problems at all.


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