Fermented Green Supremefood review

Fermented Green Supremefood review
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What is Fermented Green Supremefood?

This is a superfood combination that is packed with natural and healthy ingredients. Through a process of controlled fermentation, it is possible to gsf-largeincrease the bioavailability of the nutrients in key foods hence the development of this product. This basically means that Fermented Green Supremefood contains a higher level of nutrients and in a form that is easily digestible by the human body. Another benefit from this process is the addition of good bacteria to the diet. During fermentation, the bacteria is able to break down the cellular walls of vegetables in particular thus allowing them to release vitamins and other nutrients for consumption. This super food helps to improve the health of the gut environment which in turn does wonders for the body’s hormone production and metabolism. Moreover, the supplement also enhances immunity systems. It has a good combination of enzymes to aid fast and efficient nutritional absorption for elements such as minerals and vitamins. Each scoop of the product is able to provide you with the same number of antioxidants as six servings of vegetables.

How Does Fermented Green Supremefood Work?

The process for creating this product starts with the addition of ten vegetable and 4 grasses followed by a prebiotic or organic Molasses. In the third phase another probiotic is added which could be either Sacchromyces Boulardii or Lactobacillus plantarum. After adding water the mixture is left to rest for up to four days. Through this fermentation it is possible to increase the absorption of phytonutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. A case in point is the acquisition of vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and fiber from beet using this process. This product is particularly important because it is low in fat and can therefore assist in a weight loss program. Carrots benefit from the process because of the emphasis on zero-cholesterol content as well as offering up to 60% of what Vitamin A requirement that a normal human being would have. Eventually the combination of food nutrients is compressed into a body that can be deconstructed into a nutritious liquid. The product covers up to 16 different superfoods which include vegetables, fruits, algae and grasses which would otherwise be very expensive to purchase. Moreover this product alleviates the challenges of cooking vegetables well in order to retain their key nutrients.


Fermented Green Supremefood Ingredients

All the ingredients that are contained in this product are as natural as possible. That means that there is an optimal yield of nutrients. The list of vegetables that can go through this process is extensive and includes ordinary staples like broccoli, collard greens, carrot, parsley, beet root, peas and spinach. Although many of these vegetables are readily available from supermarkets and market stalls, they require a preparation process that some people find tedious. Therefore this product is able to extract the most important nutrients and then present them in a form that is very convenient to use. Apart from that, there are clear scientific and practical considerations that affect the process through which this product is made. Therefore Fermented Green Supremefood offers an excellent choice for consumers in a world where convenience is often a primary consideration when selecting the type of food to consume.

Benefits of Fermented Green Supremefood

First of all this product helps to increase natural energy through the stimulation of essential enzyme action. Its antioxidant qualities are well explored in existing literature. The use of probiotics in the production process is also associated with the eradication of dangerous free radicals. The environment that is ultimately created within the body is very useful for aiding the digestion process. This product also contains organic fiber compounds which help to control hunger pangs as well as optimizing the blood glucose levels in the human body.


Some of the Fermented Green Supremefood versions contain Spirulina, Chlorella and Wheat Grass. All these plants contain a high chlorophyll element which is very useful for alkalinizing the tissue environment and increasing opportunities for detoxification. Some have argued that the look and taste of the final prepared product is not attractive while others find it easier to consume than the actual plants from which it is made. That is a matter of debate but what can be said is that this product is way more pleasant than the effects of not living a healthy lifestyle. In any case, efforts have been made to turn this into a pleasant experience by sweetening the final product and adding a hint of cinnamon or apple extract. This helps to mitigate the strong taste of the algae particularly Spirulina. It is possible to improve the taste further by mixing the powder with an organic juice, fresh fruit or even yogurt.

How to Buy Fermented Green Supremefood

There is a dedicated website through which you can make an order. It has lots of offers and discounts depending on the quantities that you need as well as the time of the year that you order. The application form will take your address details so that the product can be sent correctly. You will also be expected to detail a method of payment method and confirm that you are older than 18 years of age. There is an AutoShip option that allows you to have a rolling monthly supply which you can cancel at the end of the first month or at any other time that is convenient for you.

Fermented Green Supremefood Testimonial

Vicky has suffered from a number of food phobias for a long time. Her doctors tell her that it is a psychological rather than a physiological issue because none of the foods she fears have any particular allergenic implications for her. She is particularly petrified of fruit and vegetables particularly if she sees the roots before preparation. Recently her support group recommended that she starts a course of Fermented Green Supremefood. She has been taking to it very well and actually likes the taste a lot more than some of the alternatives that have been suggested. Her group leader is planning to use this product as a supplement for the rest of the support network.


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