Raspberry Ketone review

Raspberry Ketone review
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What is Raspberry Ketone?

In almost all red berries there is a molecule called ketone which is responsible for its aroma. It has been used over the years to add flavour and food Screenshot_5colouring, as a fragrance agent and in cosmetic products as well. In recent years, scientists and nutritionists discovered that when the dosage is increased, it may have weight loss properties. Specifically, it triggers cells to burn excess fat.

Since then it has become quite a common supplement, especially in various diets designed to aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that the fat burning properties are especially effective in liver cells which can even lead to some uses in medicine. Scientific circles have been infatuated with ketone and there are multiple studies currently being conducted exploring the effects of it.

How does Raspberry Ketone work?

Our bodies naturally produce small amounts of ketone during the strenuous workouts, when there is no more energy left in the forms of carbohydrates. The ketone activates a hormone Adiponectin that makes the body look for energy elsewhere and it starts burning fat cells as a result. It does that by altering metabolic processes on the cellular level and it produces effects similar to Ephedrine or Synephrine usage, but it has a much safer way of achieving them. You can raise the levels of Adiponectin by exercising and drinking coffee as well.

Basically, it makes the body more susceptible to burning fat rather than to look for energy in the food we ate.

It needs to be pointed out that ketone, although occurring naturally, has to be concentrated in high dosage in order to manifest its effect in a noticeable fashion. Only about 1 to 4 mg of the ketone is found in a kg of fresh fruit. It would take you around 40kg of fruit to receive the dosage similar to the ones in ketone supplement.

It also needs to be pointed out that ketone should be taken on a full stomach, which makes sense considering what it actually does. When it’s taken on Screenshot_1an empty stomach, it can cause nausea as the body can’t process it without other nutrients. Dosages can vary and depending on that, the effects it has on you can vary as well.

Raspberry Ketone: what is it made of?

There are some ketone products that literally don’t contain the natural ketone extract at all! You should always look pick ones that actually have pure ketone with no artificial ingredients.

Raspberry ketone is combined with all sorts of natural extract:

  • African mango which aids in diminishing the appetite
  • Acai which increases the energy levels
  • Apple cider vinegar that is a part of almost any weight loss diet
  • Green tea helps you lose weight and stay strong

Ketone can also be taken in a 100% pure form with no added ingredients.

Benefits of Raspberry Ketone

When it comes to food supplements, especially the ones that are used in weight loss diets, the first question is always How safe is it?Screenshot_3

Well, so far there has been no known side effects. None of the studies or the users who were taking ketones in proper dosages have shown any negative side effects. Fruit extracted ketones have been considered safe to use since the FDA approved them in 1965 as food additives.

And similar to that, since the ketones were started being used as an aid in weight loss, there were no instances of them having a negative reaction.

On the other hand, there have been numerous reports that raspberry ketone has helped people lose weight. Not to get confused, it only shows those effects when combined with proper exercise and nutrition. It does not make you lose fat, it only aids it. Dosage smaller than the one used for weight loss can help prevent obesity since it decreases the amount of carbohydrates your body converts to energy and diverts some of that attention towards fats. That, in fact, means that it can slow down the creation of new fats and help you stay fit.

Some users reported that they felt more energized from simply using ketone as a dietary supplement which makes sense since it speeds up the metabolism of the cells and makes their energy level higher. But nothing has yet been scientifically proven.

The usage of ketone in cosmetics is mainly quoted to be anti-aging and focused on its anti-oxidizing effects and its effectiveness in remedying the free radical damage. Again there are no conclusive studies that would show it is more effective than any other anti-oxidants.

How to buy Raspberry Ketone

Ketone is available in many places both locally and online but you should be aware that not all of them are of same quality. Make sure to buy the naturally extracted ketone that has 100% natural origin as it is the best way to ensure you get a quality product.

Raspberry Ketone testimonials

This is not a wonder drug but it did help me lose some weight. Notice that I did not say it made me lose weight, it only helped. For those looking to take a pill and get thin, keep looking. Ketone made me more energetic which lead to more extensive workouts and burning of that excess fat. I took 1000-1000 mg a day and it made a difference which was noticeable in the long run.

Logan, Isle of Man

I started taking raspberry ketone as a part of my diet not looking to lose much weight but what I really felt as a benefit was having more energy throughout the day. I cannot really tell if I lost any weight but I can for sure tell that I have more energy that I can spend playing with my kids.

Claire, Long Island

I’ve been known to get a bit chubby over the winter and I never had any issues losing weight. When I used ketone I noticed that I lost just a bit more fat than usually. That extra bit of fat around the waist and at the bottom of the stomach came down faster than without it.

Joe, Salt Lake City


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